Thursday, 14 July 2016

July 11 2016 Cotton and Maya

Maya and Lisa
On Monday my girlfriends Lisa, Krystyna and Brenda came over and played with Cotton and Maya. The first time we tried riding them they had only been here a few days, it is amazing how time and more importantly, trust, makes a huge difference! Maya stood nicely for tacking, she did not like the mounting block and just didn't stand still after experiencing it. We then decided to lunge her and see if she even knew how. At first she didn't seem to get it, but then all of a sudden it was like a light came on and moved out and lunged both directions quite nicely. After lunging she stood well for mounting (from the ground) and was well behaved to ride, only had 1 little moment when she wanted to back up. Maya is not a plod along trail horse, despite her age she is quick and energetic. She is a horse that wants to go somewhere. She does neckrein.
Krystyna and Cotton
Cotton was also completely different, she led well, was not pushy or rushed and she rode like a dream. So well in fact that Krystyna called me the next morning wanting to adopt her! Yay!

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