Friday, 8 July 2016

July 8 2016 Beware of scam

This morning i got a computerized message stating that Canada Revenue was going to send RCMP to arrest me for tax fraud and to call them back immediately, so I did. Scared the crap outa me! The guy Officer David Walker gave me his badge # , my case # , arrest warrent number etc. It seemed very real and was scary. He said that I was fraudulent with my taxes from 09 thru 2014 and if i didn't pay the approx 1500 the RCMP would arrest me. This is a scam, the phone number has already been suspended for fraudulent activity, but it sounded like a call center, likely to have multiple numbers so beware. I called the fraud hotline and the local news. Reporter Sarah Deeth came out and did a story that is to air on Monday. I didn't want to wait til then to warn you, so I am posting this. Share this with everyone asap!

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