Saturday, 4 November 2017

New Arrival Nov 5 2017 Standardbred gelding

This fella has a bit of a story, I first met him at the Woodville auction in May, he was in the pen with the big grey tb gelding (Fill Up)that arrived here May 14. He was purchased by a man with a big heart but no knowledge of horses and what they require. We gave the owner several "lessons" on the basics. He named the gelding Hors, he needs a new name for sure! Unable to keep him any longer he contacted me, english being his second language I misunderstood him and he brought Hors to auction. He is a lovely horse, very level headed and sweet, approx 8yrs old. His young son and wife were riding him.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

New arrivals Oct 21 2017 Mavis and Hope

Mavis is 23, Hope 12 yrs old, they are full sisters, Tennessee walkers. Hope needs a gentle restarting, she was green broke but hasn't done anything in quite awhile.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Monday October 9 2017 Harvest Feast grown on our farm!

I really enjoy watching cooking shows, and have  imagined many times about what I would put in a mystery basket of ingredients from our farm.  This is a bit similar to what it feels like for me, an exciting feeling of anticipation for the chefs masterpiece! The ingredients coming from our farm, all organically grown, planted, tended to and harvested by hand, include;  coloured potatoes and carrots, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, beets, mixed greens, pumpkins for their pumpkin beer and the turkeys, which were not planted, they are free range. Lol
This is the menu for the harvest feast!
Thanksgiving dinner Mon Oct 9, 6pm. $50 per person, kids $25 Beer pairings with each course. Salad of greens with peach, tomatoes,  sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cucumber, shredded beet with a chocolate mint porter vinaigrette. Main is smoked turkey with mashed sweet potatoes, roast garlic potatoes,  ale braised carrots, ale steamed chard, candied beet, cranberry and currant stuffing and turkey gravey.  Vegetarian option; ale roasted squash stuffed with cranberry and currant with mushroom gravy and the same sides as the turkey. Dessert; stout beer tiramisu with pumpkin ale ice cream.
Olde Stone Brewing Company
380 George St N, Peterborough 705 745 0495
Tickets are now available!