Thursday, 3 January 2019

Jan3 2019 Jet, Morgan gelding

Jet, Morgan gelding, is a gentle horse and about 16 years old, it has been about 5 yrs since he has been ridden. He can be hard to catch at times but is very easy to handle when you have him attached to a lead rope. He has had some health issues in the past (founder), but does well on hay with meds and kept away from lush green grass. He has not foundered in the last two years.  Jet is located near Roseneath and is free to good home. Please call or text me for the owners contact info 705 799 6794 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

New Arrival Oct 28 2018 Pal, welsh pony

New Arrival Sunday Oct 28, 2018
Adorable sweet welsh pony gelding, approx 13.2 hands. Pal is 16 yrs old, just about the friendliest guy you will ever meet! He has been missing his right eye since he was a yearling and is very comfortable with it. He has shown no signs of being easily spooked, even when exposed to the variety of critters we have, and our nimrod dog. He has been ridden bareback with reins attached to his halter, and with english tack.

Friday, 17 August 2018

New Arrival Aug 2018 Kesons Myst

New Arrival, Myst, 20 yrs Standardbred mare, registered name Kesons Myst. Very sweet, approx 15.2 hands, trained to drive and ride. Well behaved, was being ridden bareback by a twelve yr old most of the summer. Myst is available for adoption, her bridle and western saddle can be included. Negotiable adoption fee! Update Aug 9 2018, Myst has been adopted Yay!