About Us

I am Christine Markle-Welch, my husband is Howie Welch, we started our rescue in May 08 as a result of watching so many nice horses end up going for meat. To date we have saved 56 horses from that terrible end, and are always ready to help more.
We are a non-profit organization, although we are not yet registered, we believe that profiting from our horses situation would be wrong. Our goal is to save and find homes for as many horses as we possibly can, and work on training those who need it so that they won't end up in that position again. I am blessed by my role in each of their lives. Not a day goes by, that I am not grateful for the horses we have here, and my already adopted sweethearts and their new loving families.

Our own personal pets are, Follie, my Arab/Standardbred cross mare, Mumford, our baby mule (mumfy for short), and our very large, and very friendly, goat-Jacob. We are currently waiting for the right horse to adopt for Howie. We have several here that would suit him, it has to be his  and his horses' choice!