Saturday, 19 April 2014

Auction April 19 2014

Tarka & I
  I must appoligize for the lapse in posting, since the spring thaw our phone line has been very crackly and has interfered with dial up, about 4 Kbps (seemed like per hour...) and the Yahoo home pg wouldn't even come up!  .  Since the phone line has cleared I have been able to get back on line.  The auction is thriving, lots of vendors, some great deals to be had, lots of livestock, but there have been no horses at the Woodville auction for the last couple of wks.  The horse dealer that sometimes brings livestock to the Cobden auction has not been present the last couple of wks.  I am back to work full time (Sat off, of course) but it was a fairly short sale so I got home in time to go for a nice ride on one of my own horses, Tarka.  Yay!!  Gotta Make The Time!!!  It is well worth it, this was one of those "Happy Place" memory makers!

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