Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Training Emma Nov 3 2013

Sunday we were able to attend another one of our Emmas training sessions.  For those who do not already know, Emma is not available for adoption, we outbid the meat buyer for her mom Georgia, when she was 8 months pregnant.  We have tried to prepare Em for this moment from birth, it is very exciting to see it come to fruition.  We waited for awhile for the right trainer to become available, Tanya is doing a fabulous job, she is now riding Emma and doing very well, I will be riding her within a couple of days.  She is done with round pen workand is ready to start on trails etd.  Emma easily does a one rein stop and disengages her hind end with ease, which is important for rider safety.  Tanya is thinking about putting on some workshops on training for some of these types of issues, anyone interested please e-mail me, we are thinking springish.  Topics to be addressed are open for suggestion!  Tanya does till have one space available for immediate training and taking bookings.  When Emma is done, very soon, she will be road and trail safe.  Tanya will train to your specifications, whether western pleasure or gaming, english, hunter jumper etc, and will train the owner too.  Contact me for her info.  We have several adoptable horses ranging from beginner safe to project, we do not have space to save a nother until we have another adoption.  Please refer us to any friends who may be looking for a new equine friend.  And we do have donkeys available for adoption too!!  Thanks!

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