Saturday, 2 November 2013

Auction Nov 2 2013

Belgian mare
 Update April 28 2014:  I met a lady today who bought the Belgian mare from the meat buyer, she is safe and has a forever home.  She is a bit of a project but was told that she is sweet and has not nipped any of them.  Great news!!
Today at the Woodville sale barn there was a 10 yr old 2100lb registered Belgian mare, halter trained only, kind of friendly but I did see her try to nip a lady, young Clyde stud in good physical condition but very unkempt and seemed unhandled(both of these were from different homes).  I don't think their feet had ever been trimmed.  The horse trader G. brought in 3 horses, he did not get his price so bought them back.  One of them was a piebald sorrel paint gelding untrained and nippy, a 14 hand approx 5 yr old untrained thick pony mare with an attitude that he said he bought at OLEX last week, and an older saddlebred mare that was not sound.  The Clyde had recently been dewormed and was not to be shipped for slaughter immediatly so the main meat byers did not really bid high on him, I am not familiar with the person who bought him and he may turn back up again once it is out of his system.  The Belgian mare was purchased by the main meat buyer.  He paid quite high for her, even if we had the space for her we could not afford to pay that much for a completely untrained horse.  If any of them had some training behind them they may have stood a chance!

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