Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Roman - Oct 30 2013

Today our friend Lesley, who owns Beltane Acres, a riding facility in Innisville, came out to help us work with a couple of our "untried" horses, Roman and Winston.  Roman was very well behaved, although does not move off the leg, reponds to verbal and clicking.  He does still need a bit of work but has a nice temperment and is kind, and easy to work with.  Steers well, whoas and backs up and got used to the mounting block quickly.  No hint of buck or rearing at all, just lack of knowledge.  We figure he was backyard trained, perhaps driven, just knows the basics.  His adoption fee is negotiable. Anyone looking to take horseback riding lessons in the Barrie area, contact Lesley, fun and safe learning environment.

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  1. Just curious, because I have been staring and salivating over this horse on Petfinder all day, and figure it can't at least hurt to ask; do you adopt out to the USA?