Saturday, 16 November 2013

Auction Nov 16 2013

So, yesterday we recieved a phone call from some people who had a 13 yr old completely untrained mare, wanting to trade for one of our well trained beginner safe horses.  For several reason we were unable to do so, and by the time that I got the message the fellow had already taken the mare to the Woodville auction.  She was the only horse (no Donkeys) at the auction today.  She is a nice looking mare, not friendly but not mean and quite curious.  Her udder was very swollen, many people guessed that she was pregnant, or recently weaned.  She did nervously take the pieces of apple that I offered her.  When she was put through the auction ring they announced that she was green broke to ride, (this is not the case, she is untrained, perhaps not even halter trained).  She was bought by the dealer that often takes them to an auction in the Cobden area.  I did phone the people when I got home, they had purchased her and her approx 6 month old colt at Hoards Station auction this past Tues, they have no idea whether the mare had possibly been exposed to a stud again.

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