Saturday, 23 November 2013

Auction Nov 23 2013

Today was totaly miserable, the roads were terrible, it was blizzardy but we made it to the Woodville auction!  There was one qh type mare, bit of an attitude, said she was trained to ride, 4 minis - 2 mares, one filly and one stud, all young, and one 12 yr old paint mare trained to ride, seemed nice.  The horse trader G brought in a buckskin pohy and an old black pony mare (said she was 7, more like 27 by the teeth), he did not get his price so bought them back, and bought the paint and the qh mare.  3 of the ponies went together to a fellow that I know, good home, and the dealer that sometimes brings them to the Cobden auction bought the other pony mare (Mom of the filly, she had foundered in the past - needed a trim badly).

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