Sunday, 16 September 2012

Meat Horses Sept 15 & 16 2012

This weekend, at the Woodville auction on Sat and the Lindsay auction on Sun, a total of 7 horses were purchased by meat buyers.  One in particular stands out in my mind, I have already spoken to the meat buyer about him and he is not going to be shipped for meat, we have to save his life.  He is a 15 yr old, approx 14.2ish hand gelding, friendly and well trained, dewormed and up to date on shots within the last month.  His feet are great, well maintained, he has obviously been well cared for!   Freckles  belonged to a 12 yr old girl who felt he was not enough of a challenge for her, he is very well behaved.  My friend trailered him to the auction and the girl was riding him when he picked him up, he is a good boy and should not go for meat, my friend assured me of this info and I trust him.  Anyone interested in adopting him, please contact us!  We wanted to outbid the meat buyer for him but our budget is so tight right now, each adoption saves the next horse, please check our adoptable horses tab and reccomend us to your friends, help us help them, Please!!

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