Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lovely gelding rescued from feedlot Sept 5 2012

This gorgeous Percheron/Appy cross gelding sold to the meat buyer at Olex.  I'm pleased to announce a wonderful "partnering" with Justice Love N Care Animal Rescue, funds were raised to get this nice fellow, who needs a name, out of the meatyard and brought here to safety.  "He is a prime meat horse- this is what the killplants are looking for".  He is supposed to be green broke, we will find out as soon as he is settled in here.


  1. Glad you saved him. Horses must not treat like that! Slaughter is a serious thing that should stop. Because of excessive equine reproduction, some heartless horse owners tend them to sold horses in a certain price.

  2. He is a wonderful boy, we named him Roman, his retraining has started, should have some new pics of him soon.