Sunday, 16 September 2012

New arrival - Chloe 12 yr old very quiet

Chloe is so sweet, quiet, nice riding horse.  She is a retired thoroughbred racehorse, but more whoa than go.  Her owner bought a new horse and she had to go....   She was going to go for meat, but fortunately the person hired to trailer her is a good judge of a good horse, he knew she should not go for meat, and he knows us, made a phone call to us, well, and now she is here!  Thanks again, so very much Brian, and Chloe thanks you too!!  She enoys being fussed over, came with lots of burrs included!  At one point I was deburring tail, Charlotte was on mane and Howie was cleaning hooves, she tied well and just stood there for us.  Charlotte also rode her this afternoon and loves her, very nice to ride & handle, a somewhat beginner horse, "she felt sturdy", we need a bit more time to experiment, keep  posted, asking $500 but her adoption fee will go up in accordance.  We have more horses we need to save, if you, or someone you know may be interested in her or any of our other beauties please contact us/share our info, Please!!  &  Thanks!

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