Monday, 20 August 2012

Our new Arrivals, Mikey and Eeore

Me, on Mikey with Eeore tagging along!
Eeore!  What a cute guy!!
Mikey is a 21 yr old qh gelding, well trained, retired competition western show horse, ridden english and bareback also.  Eeore is a 17 yr old gelded donkey, both are very friendly and sweet, good with other horses and our pet goat jacob.  They have been BFF's and must stay together, otherwise they will stay here and become part of our forever family.  We love them already! We are currently assessing them, and finding out what buttons to push  Mikey has foundered in the past and is succeptable to it, Eeore is very fat and also prone, their access to rich pasture must be limited and they both need to go on a diet and get more excercise.  Their adoption fee will be negotiable.
Mikey is such a good boy!

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