Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meat Horses Aug 18 2012

At the Woodville auction no horses were sold to the meat buyers, with little help from their owners.  One, a gorgeous Belgian stallion did have pics of him being driven etc posted on the sides of his pen, that helped him.  The other two, Belgian geldings, one with a halter on that was v friendly and sweet, the other seemed standoffish, no halter on to check for handleability, and not as friendly, they were in the same pen together and it made it hard to work with them.  I find it frustrating when people don't send their horses to auction with any info or halters (I am sure that legally, horses are supposed to have a halter on during transport), I am sure those geldings would have been trained at some time, but no info, even if they had not been used in 5 yrs they still had the training, if they had been meatbound that info would maybe save them.  Please if you know someone who is sending their horse to auction, make sure they help their horse as much as possible.  I did post a blog a long time ago on how to "Arm" your horse if you have to send it to auction, as always if you need help rehoming your pet horse, goat, sheep, duck, chicken, etc please contact us for assistance, or call, we only have dial up..    (705)799-6794
We do have 2 new arrivals, our camera batteries died and needed rechrging, will post pics etc tomorrow!

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