Saturday, 4 February 2012

Meat Horses Feb 4 2012

Picture #1: a two year old qh stud, he was in the same pen with the other two tb mares. I could not get him to come near me, even for treats. He is a gorgeous fellow, gelded & with a bit of work put into him he could be a super horse for someone.

Pic #2: gorgeous approx 10 yr old tb mare with a bad right knee. She appeared to be pasture sound, could still be a companion or broodmare, very friendly sweet girl.

Pic #3: missing left eye, I was told she was never trained, has been a broodmare only. Friendly nice mare.

All 3 horses went to the "other meat guy" that we have been posting some of his horses as available from meat yard. He will likely want 4-500 each for them. He is slowly gathering up horses so he may have a load ready to ship soon. The gorgeous qh gelding that I posted as avail in his yard is still there, we have to make sure that he isn't shipped for slaughter, he is such a good boy-he can't be meat if I can help it!!

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