Friday, 3 February 2012

Our new arrivals

Pic #1: Chester, approx 10 yrs old, 12 hands tall, super friendly and sweet. Very well trained, a pony you can trust with your kids. Well behaved when ridden, even bareback with just reins attached to his halter. Wonderful Pony, they don't come along like this guy very often!! Hard to believe that he was in the meat yard(he was in with the others that I posted as avail from meat yard), the fellows 2 yr old grandaughter rode this pony! His adoption fee is currently $300.

The pregnant Appy pony is no longer available, she left the yard on Tues, hopefully to a good home, he was very vague about her departure.

Pic #2: Peanut (approx 6 yrs old, 13.2 hands)and her little 2 1/2 month old BooBoo were rescued from a bad environment, in poor condition. I met them 2 months ago when the person bought them at auction. They hardly resemble the same animals, they are quite thin now. I did not haggle with the guy, gave him what he wanted for them, their care is of great importance! Here they are getting great care and most certainly they will be in better shape soon. The mare was showing signs of dehydration, it is amazing the difference in them in just a couple of days with proper nutrition and water. Their adoption fee is currently $300 but only to a home that is commited to proper care for them

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