Sunday, 12 February 2012

Meat horses Feb 11 2012

There were 2 horses at the Woodville auction on Sat. One of them, a tall Chestnut gelding looked like he wanted to eat me, he took treats ok but I just had that feeling from him. The other a black Standardbred gelding, was very cautious, took treats nice but didn't want me to contact him. I was told that his owner, an older lady that lived somewhere near Port Perry owned them, she rode the Standardbred, the chestnut was green broke. She passed away and the husband didn't know what to do with them so he shipped them to auction. Neither had halters on, and I unfortunatly didn't have one with me. They were both in same pen so I was reluctant to go in with the one who looked like he wanted to eat me.... Their feet were in bad shape, it kinda looked like the standardbred had foundered but it could just be results of a bad trim. Neither went for meat, at least right away, I suspect that the fellow that bought the standardbred may be dabbling in the meat market cuz he said something about the slaughter paperwork wasn't with the horse so he would have to keep him 6 months. I suspect there are more people getting int the horse meat "market" than we realize.........
We are arranging to pick up the qh gelding and the bay pony that are in the "other" meat yard, hopefully tomorrow, he assured me that he wouldn't ship them with the ones he took on Tues.

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