Monday, 13 February 2012


Max is a 12 yr old well trained Clyde gelding, my friends Michelle and Tracy found him at a private farm, obviously needing alot of care and could not leave him there. Max had been injured over a yr ago, they were told that his eye got poked by a stick, and he was left completely untreated. He is now recieving proper care but the vet bills are going to be rather large. Any donations would be appreciated, whether $ or bandaging supplies. (I will get a "wish list" from them). We donated and have offered to post pics and progress reports and will take any donations thru this site(please specify thru e-mail that the donation is for Max- we have recieved the odd donation to help in our rescue efforts). If you want to donate anything to help with Maxs vet bills you can donate thru us, or cheques/money order made out to Michele Cooper, 87 Balsam Lake Rd, RR1 Kirkfield, ON, K0M 2B0. This is a super sweet, very handleable fellow who deserves this chance!! Thank God that they found him in time!!!

Please use Max as an example: if treated immediately this gorgeous guy would not be like this, the cost would not be even near as high and he would not have gone thru the agony that he has been in for all of this time. Vet care especially in this type of situation, is important!!

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