Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meat Horses Dec 3 2011

HELP!!! Need to save this horse!!! We originally thought he belonged to our friends, it seems like its his twin(slight differences but this is not "their" horse), Jim and Stacy came to the auction to see if it really was him, they had sold him to a good home over a year ago(unfortunately it was after the meat guy had already bought him, but at least we can still save him). While they were there, as we were assessing whether this was their guy I rode him, he was great, neck reins, backs up sweet, even just with reins attached to his halter. Check out his pics. Gorgeous, friendly and sweet, easy to catch & halter (fortunatley I had a halter in my car as he didn't have one on. His owner didn't even give him a chance, no halter, how can someone know if the horse is really handleable with no halter on!! One of my Peeves!!! He is going to be shipped approx Wed this week. I have already expressed my interest in this fellow, of course our challenge is our budget. Anyone wanna help out?? We are constantly re-juggling and have to pay bills sometimes!! If you know of anyone interested in him, or any of our others, one adoption fee saves the next!!

Pics are terrible of me(I wanted to cut myself out but didn't take the time to do it, don't even look at me- the horse is the focus

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