Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Nov 25- Meat horses

I was not expecting there to be any horses at the Lindsay auction today because of the horse sale there tomorrow. 2 horses went thru and were purchased by the meat buyer. One, a gorgeous 18ish hands Belgian mare, no older than 10, trained to drive single and double. Nice personality, friendly & polite. She will likely still be there tomorrow in a holding pen, I will get pics-she is stunning!! The other horse(really is a pony sizewise maybe 14 hands)filly, looked approx 2ish, very shy, obviously not handled very much, wouldn't even come near me for an apple. Will post pics asap. Know anyone looking for a beauty of a Belgian? She is far too nice to go for meat!!! Update, Nov 26. Even the meat guy thinks she is too good to go for meat. He know someone who many be interested in her, he is going to let me know if this person doesn't buy her, will contact me before sending her to slaughter. One of the pics is me holding her front foot, she icks them up and holds them up nice. Such a good girl!!! I Love Her!!!! I think I might have to try to get her anyways, is the person possibly buying her going to give her a good home or is he just going to bring her back there when done with her..... AAaarrG! This is tough!

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