Tuesday, 22 November 2011

With Many regrets...

I am so sorry to have to share this with you, just be gratefull that you did not have to meet them in person, they were all very friendy. I kinda had to explain to each of them why I couldn't save them, and mourn for each of them. We don't have enuff money to save them all, I have lost track of the people I have overheard saying , "Oh that one is too cute/friendly/well trained, etc, to go for meat", "Well the rescue lady is here, she will save them" Well cute ain't going to save'em, with training perhaps they stand a chance, and the rescue lady doesn't have enough money to save every one she wants to save, even though it breaks my heart. Any help always appreciated. These pics not intended to bumm youze out, I just need to show that this is real and sometimes the faces involved kinda make it real. Anyone who wishes to help out, or is looking for a horse, even potentially, keep the ones I am posting in mind please, this will be their last chance. I will be posting pics of the "meat horses" Sat pm, we only have dial up so sometimes takes time. They usually get shipped out Mon afternoon so we have a small window to save them. No visitors to the meat yard, must be happy with my pics and descriptions.

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