Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meat Horses Dec 3 2011

Approx 12 yr old Palamino gelding, said he is broke to ride, but sour... No idea why considered so, friendly picks up feet, leads well... I think approx $400 could save him.

2 QH type yearlings, the chestnut is a filly, the bay is a colt, neither were incredibly friendly but not crazy either. Prob $100 could save them, someone with the time to friendly them up and train (geld the colt)etc, could end up with a super horse in the future. They will be shipped on Wed.

We can't save them all!! Know anyone who would be interested in them?? Cannot visit them in the meat yard, its gotta be 100% I want them cash immediately, no haggling etc. This really is their last chance.

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