Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gotta send your horse to auction? How U can help.

Ok have you exhausted all other options? Rescues, kijiji, trentriders, etc? Do you face sending your beloved horse to auction? These are some things that can help to "arm" your horse.
1. If you can attend auction, sing your horses praise to all, there are horse dealers present, even though your horse may seem safe it could still go for meat 2 days later. Ensure a safe home or buy it back. Just because you don't sign the permission slips to send your horse to send your horse for meat it does not mean it will not happen, it just means he will have to keep it for 6 months before shipping it....
2. If you cannnot attend auction, have a friend go, make a sign ahead of time with all avail info about your horse and post it on his/her pen or give it to or transporter to post, find someone to sing your horses praises will never go wrong, even contact me, I will help out at any auction I normally go to.
3. Send your horse with a halter on, people assume with no halter a horse is unhandleable. Not everyone brings the equipment that I do.
4. If you bring multiple horses, or have smeone trailer them, specify own stall at auction or max 2 horses per pen. Even I feel not so comfy goin in to check out a horse with many others in same pen causing a rukkus.

Contact us if you need help! (705)799-6794
Will Continue this because there is more to say!! Hpe Y'all had a Merry Christmas!!

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