Saturday, 24 December 2011

Meat Horses Dec 23 2011

I must appologize for not posting any horses last wk, to you, and to them. This can get depressing, the horses that went last wk from the Lindsay auction(i forgot my camera!!),: To meat guy #1 a paint gelding, quite old, v swaybacked, seemed kinda ornery, a palamino mare, older broodmare, seemed nice but was told she bit off one side of her old owners face, apparently for no reason...... To the newest meat guy, #2, a 5 yr old tb mare, trained to ride, a hackney type pony lead line trained, a qh mare no info as to training etc. All in the same pen, made it hard to check them out..... At the Woodville auction a quite old standardbred gelding trained to ride and drive, sweet fellow but no one seems to want a good old tried and true fellow. My reasons for not posting, I don't want to bumm people out, I get sad too, and having to look at pics of horses I have hung out with that went for meat, totally sucks!!!
Pics of these are shown above.

This week an older gey tb/Trakainer(know I likely spelt it wrong) mare, trained english and has shown, bad attitude w other horses.

Buckskin qh mare, 5 yrs old, no indication of training. She was in the pen with the bossy grey and 2 others, impossible to check any of them out safely.

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  1. Keep posting as many as you are able! I think this is ok to stick in our faces. Maybe I can't help right now, but soon..., or I'll tell some one who can help, or they'll tell some one else. On it goes & you never know what can happen!