Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sept 18 2014 - We're Back!!!

Yay!  We are back operating the blog like "normal" again!  Big Thank You to my wonderful brother Aaron who gave me instructions on how to fix the problem.  It seems that our computer ate a bad cookie.  Really simple fix, but to a non techie like me, I had no idea how to fix it!  We have not been inactive while the blog was out, had many adoptions and new arrivals.  There have not been many horses going thru the Woodville auction, and those that have been there have not been purchased by meat buyers. 
Here are a few of the horses that we currently have available for adoption, Great homes needed, please share our info so that we can keep helping!! 

Cheyenne, she is not one of our rescues, we are helping a good friend find her a new loving home.  She is about 15 yrs old, 15 hands, decent to ride, friendly, handleable, very cute, nice manners.  He is asking $1000 for her, fairly firm.
IceWine, registered Saddlebred mare, decent to ride, a bit quirky, needs an assertive handler.  Adoption fee is currently reduced to $700/
Tyson, haflinger gelding, moonblindness in left eye, a bit crooked in the hind end, will likely end up arthritic in his older age.  Nice to ride, a bit herdbound at times.  Adoption fee is currently $400
So Glad to be back, I hope I can still share this to our facebk page, but facebook made us change our page, and now it seems that there are 2 pges, not sure which, if any page this will share to...  I guess I will find out.  Keep posted, we have loads of news to share, still only have dial up so it will take me a while to share everything.  The best way to get ahold of us is by phone, we still only have dial up.  (705)799-6794
IceWine & I

My-Ty and I

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