Saturday, 20 September 2014

Auction Sept 20 2014

Today at the Woodville auction there were no horses.  It turns out there was one small paint pony gelding hidden way back on the goat side, I heard rumours that he was there, took awhile to find the little fellow.  He was supposed to be a yearling, already trained to drive, pull a cart etc, I think he may have been a bit older, perhaps 3ish.  Nice little fellow, well mannered.  He went to a great home, really nice family, I ended up helping them load him into a bumper pull trailer(they were loading right beside our truck), he wasn't fussy on the ramp.  We have several great horses needing loving homes, and new horses we have already commited to coming here, keep posted we have some sweet horsies on the way within the next couple of wks!  We are always willing to avert auction, still only have dialup so the phone is easiest to get us (705)799-6794

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