Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cute alert! Jan 26 2014

It was touch and go with this little guy for the first few days.  I bought him at the auction last Sat, he did not want to eat, had a few sleepless nights trying to get him going.  I think we have finally reached the point where he is going to be ok.  I have named him Gilbert.  He is eating, he is "free range" in the house, I don't think he realizes that he is a goat, he loves our cats, and our dog Buckwheat, and stuffed animals.., and will readily curl up on the couch with me (or anyone...)for a nap.  He made one pee on the couch, was repromanded, and has not done it since, although does still make puddles on the floor, although he does aim for newspaper now!  He is available for adoption, reasonable fee, He is NOT Food.

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