Thursday, 5 December 2013

Emma Dec 5 2013

Emma & I
Today was a glorious day, weather was perfect, our Emma is done training for the season, it has been so unpredictable and crappyish...  We made the decision to ride her back here instead of trailering.  Tanya, (In the Saddle, Equine Services), her trainer, my friend. and our friend Megan, saddled up their horses, Aries and Casper (Megans horse, who I rode for most of our journey).  Tanya used our journey as another training session, Megan rode Aries, Tanyas horse.  I did ride Emma for a decent part of our journey.  I am incredibly thrilled, this is the first time that I have ridden her, despite plans that failed, because of the weather!  It still bothers me
to think that if we had not outbid the meat buyer for her Mom Georgia, when she was still pregnant with our girl....  I so appreciate the work that Tanya has done with her, constant handling and the correct upbringing really helped with her training but the right person trained her the rest of the way.  Thanks so much Tanya!!  And to a fabulous today spend with two of my favorite girlfriends!!  Yay!!!!  Anyone needing a great trainer, Tanya is taking bookings for spring!

Casper&I, Emma&Tanya
Emma&I  Yay!

Aries&Megan, Emma&Tanya

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  1. So happy for you girlfriend. She's grown into such a beautiful girl! Miss you!