Saturday, 7 December 2013

Auction Dec 7 2013

Today at the Wodville acution, was one approx 15 yr old aprox 12 hand white stallion, not studdy, nice boy, I wish I had a spot for him...  A young pony mare, a paint mini pony stud, 3 mini pony mares from a differnt home and 5 donkeys (2 Jennys, 1 older Jack and 2 young jacks).  I must admit, I fell in love with 2 of the ponies, the first pony mare (non-mini), but she went to a nice family and I would not outbid them once I knew, I did buy one of the mini mares.  When they brought the 3 minis into the auction ring they said that they are all broke to ride.  I had already kinda layed over her back so I did already kindof think that........      I also had another moment of educated weakness, I bought 3 friendly, sweet baby billy goats.  I was told that they would likely just be put in the stew pot - that small!!!  Anyone wanting a bottle baby?  Will get pics on asap.  I appologize, it was a late day at the auction, by the time they finished the horses I had to run out to get some milk replacer for the little kids and did not get a pic in daylight, this one of the little mare is pretty dark. 

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