Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Training Emma Oct 20 2013

Baby Emma & I
We outbid the meat buyer for Georgia, who is Emma's Mom, January 09, Georgia as it turned out is a Rocky Mountain Pony, all they said about her sire was that he was Morgan.  April 25 09, our Emma was born, handled from moment 1, now she is 4 + picks up her feet leads well, she has been prepared for her future.  There have been delays in her training while waiting for the right trainer to be available.  Tanya Smith, (In the Saddle Equine Services) was able to take her on almost 2 wks ago and has already come so far, Emmas main issues being (other than needing training to ride) that she has always been too friendly and doesn't respect personal space so much.  I felt from the moment that I met Tanya that she was the one that I wanted to train our girl.  She does a great job, I have met many horses she has trained and seen her train many horses, and in the way I want my horse treated.  I had the pleasure of attending a training session on Sunday, our girl no longer crowds, ties, and ground ties, lunges, and has been desensetised to tack, plastic bags, along with so many more things.  Tanya does have some time to take on one more horse for training now and is taking future bookings.  Message me for Tanyas contact info.

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