Thursday, 24 October 2013

Roman - Oct 24 2013

Today I spent some time working with our gorgeous 10 yr old Percheron Appy gelding Roman.  He is very friendly, easy to handle, eager to please.  Romie was originally purchased by the main meat buyer from OLEX, in partnership with another rescue, Justice Love N Care, his bail was paid and life saved!  He is supposed to have been trained but has not been used in several years.  I am starting to work with him, he is pretty easy and safe to be around.  He pretty much ground ties, and whoas nicely.  I pulled out our long lines and thought I would see if it seems that he was ever driven.  I think he may have, but I was pleased with his reaction to the bit and the requests that I made.  I was able to get a few pics, I was working by myself and had no photographer available.  He did stand nicely when I walked away from him to get a good pic, my lines were not long enough to hold onto him and get all of him in the pic.  What a good boy, I am so happy with him!!!  Next step will be saddle etc.  Roman is available for adoption.

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