Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lady Oct 3 2013

Friends of ours came over tonight, their oldest son insisted that he needed to ride a horse, the donkey was jsut not good enough!  Lady was quite happy to oblige him, she is a very well trained 23 yr old qh mare, registered as Ladys Finest Lassie (we do not have her papers).  She is good for light riding, soft ground is the main thing, she has almost no frog in her right front, so n cushioning.  Once she has a chance for new growth that should improve.  She is great for a nice ride out in a soft field, but would be sore after ridin down the road.  She used to team pen, so can go as fast bkwards if asked.  She was a broodmare for many yrs, and does have a tilt to her "private part" which upon faster movement does cause a fart like noise, it sometimes can be quite loud, so one must be prepared for it. 

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