Saturday, 5 October 2013

Auction Oct 5 2013

 Ok, so where to start without offending someone yet again....  Today I spoke with that horse trader, he brought in a lovely 4 yr old Palamino Paint 2 wks ago, I did not post the pic then as I was told that the horse would not be in jeopardy.  I had refered to him in the blog post for that days auction as the horse dealer that was in trouble a while back.  He is very upset with me for refering back to that horse etc.  I appologize, I was only using that as an identifier as I never use the dealers names in my post, from now on I will refer to him as G.  I really am sorry, I do not mean to offend anyone.  He told me that he took the Palamino to OLEX and he sold for meat.  I am hoping that he told me this just to upset me, like I have upset him and that there is no truth to it!!  Is there anyone that attends that auction that can verify this.  If he was sold for meat can someone tell me which dealer and if it isn't one that I know, help me get him out?    Now, for the Woodville auction, there was one older QH mare, well trained to ride but I believe she has front left knee issue, it looks sprung to me, She was sold to the dealer that sometimes brings them to the Cobden auction.  There were also 2 very fat Jenny donkeys, one went to a home, the other I purchased.  In the picture I am posting she is wearing the halter.(I put it on her.)  She is available for adoption, nice friendly Jenny, I am thinking of a good name for her.....

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