Sunday, 29 September 2013

Meat Horses Sept 28 2013

Halter broke only

Older tb mare

Sorry for the delay in posting this, computer issues......  at the Woodville auction there was a sad little 3 yr old paint mini colt w v bad feet(did get a pic on here but having probs with the layout), reminded me of the poor donkey from last week only whoever tried to 'FIX" IT MADE IT BAD FOR HIM!!  sORRY,  caps lock stuck on, there was an older Clyde broodmare, very handleable, and friendly but mouth phobia,
 (could not get near her mouth so can not give an age, but older), a 2.5 yr old appy filly, her owners were there promoting her, 2 young pony weanlings, an older, approx 15 ish tb mare and her approx 5 yr old filly (only halter broke, but v friendly.  The appy and ponies went to good homes, the Clyde and 5ish yr old went to the buyer who doesn't always sell for meat, he may end up taking them to an auction in the Cobden area. the older tb mare was purchased by the main meat buyer.
Clyde broodmare

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