Saturday, 21 September 2013

Auction Sept 21 2013

Today at the Woodville auction there were 2 Buckskin geldings, born May 09.  Neither had halters on and no info was posted, or known about them.  I had a halter in my truck so was able to check them out a bit, and eventually after alot of snooping, found out who the owner was, they are both supposed to be trained to ride, they belonged to 2 sisters that are now more interested in boys and agreed to send their 2 once beloved horses, Poo Bear (pictured - a little more stubborn) and James, to auction.  There was also a 4 yr old Palamino/Paint that was brought in by the horse trader that got himself in alot of trouble over Backstreet Bully, the racehorse, back in April.  He ended up not getting his price for him, so brought him back home, and he bought Poo Bear.  He said that he had a home in mind for him, but as he loaded the horses up I heard him talking about how much he disliked the horse, I suspect that he may just bring him to OLEX on Tuesday.  I wish that we had the space for him, we need to reduce our numbers going into the winter months.  We have many great horses looking for loving new homes!!!. 
There was also a nice friendly little Jenny donkey with I think the worst feet that I have ever seen.  The person who owned her should be ashamed to let her live like that, she was obviously very sore.  And to send her to auction like that, I am suprised they did not get the SPCA involved......She did go to a great home who will ensure that she never gets in that condition ever again!!


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