Sunday, 21 July 2013

Auction, July 20 2013

At the Woodville auction there was one poor little friendly stud pony that was old enough he could have come off the Ark.  He was blind in his right eye, very thin, had foundered in the past.  He at one time had a huge fat deposit along his mane, the fat was gone but the empty "sac" was there, hanging over and was quite yucky underneath.  The little was tagged by the OMAFRA vet, "return to consigner", in other words they sent him back to the people who allowed him to get into this condition....  I overheard the owners arguing about his fate(it was hard not to hear, they were yelling).  The man was shouting that he was going to take him home and shoot him, the woman saying no way!  It looks like the little guy will be at the Claremont auction.  When I spoke with the woman she said that they were getting 2 new breeding stallions and had to get rid of him.  I tried to point out other options, a separate paddock etc.  She said that her little kids rode him and did care a great deal for him.  We would have taken him on if he was gelded, and at his age it would be too hard on him to do now! 
 I do believe that breeders should take a lifetime responsibility for their stock.  These animals have made them money, they deserve to retire, not be dumped off skinny and unkempt, at the local sale barn!!

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