Sunday, 30 June 2013

Meat Horses June 29 2013

At the Woodville auction there was one seemingly wild palamino stud pony.  His feet looked taken care of but I could not get anywhere near him and he was very nervous.  I wish that I had taken a pic to share with everyone.  He was a gorgeous little guy, right blue eye, had fresh wounds on both front legs, long long mane and forlock with a few burrs but would clean up nicely if one could get ahold of him.  He was purchased by the dealer in the Cobden area.

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  1. hi i was there that day and i tryed to get someone to get him for me becuz i dont know much about bining but i couldnt find anyone wish i could have found you ,i wanted him real bad but couldnt find anyone to help me so i sadly left him and i still think about him ,if you are interested i do have pictures of him .i would have given him a lovely kind home but i quest it wasnt ment to be sadly