Friday, 28 June 2013

Lemmy, newest addition to our family.

Ok, so everyone who knows me understands that I am just a big goober when it comes to critters of all kinds.    Yesterday (June 27) morning when I was in the barn doing the chores something landed right next to me with quite a loud thud,.  I looked down at my feet to see this teeny weeny little baby bird, eyes still shut, no feathers.  Was instantaniously surrounded by barn cats, without thinking I immediatly snatched him up from harms way, thinking "what the heck am I going to do with this...  but I had no choice...."  I created a comfy little spot for him, heating pad on low.  Gathered some yummy looking worms from our garden and chopped them up, he takes them vey nicely from tweezers.  ( I joked with a few people about chewing them up...!)      I have absolutely no experience doing this, but he does seem to be thriving, has a voracious appetite.  If anyone has any helpfull info would appreciate all I can get.  Will post updates on Lemmys progress.  He/she is a funny little bird, likely a barn swallow, it is amazing that Lemmy even survived the fall!!
Update July 1 2013, at approx 3.30pm Our Lemmy took his last breath.  I was with him when he passed, it is amazing how the little guy affected our lives, I feel like I lost a child.  He was a cute, funny looking little guy, I will always remember his little face popping out of his nest, mouth wide open, waiting for a piece of worm almost every time I was anywhere near him.  He was in good health until he passed.  I hope that he knows somehow that he was loved and is mised.  It makes me wonder about the lessons that we learn in life.  Was Lemmy brought into our lives even so breifly to remind us one again that life is precious and we must try to appreciate every moment.   RIP litle Lemmy, I Love you and miss you so..... 

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  1. I'm so sorry for you! I know how difficult it is to lose a beloved animal friend.