Saturday, 6 April 2013

Meat Horses April 6 2013

Today at the Woodville auction the horse dealer that I wrote about  last week did bring at least one horse but sold it directly to the main meat buyer.  He told me it was a 4 yr old thoroughbred and would not even consider letting us buy it, even though I promised him I would not cause any problems for him.  He still considers the rescue involved in the newspaper article at fault for his problems.  He was not so nasty to me today but still insists he will never bring another tatood horse in to auction, or sell them to a rescue. 
One horse came in to the auction very very late in the day(5ish).  A gorgeous registered 7 yr old Saddlebred mare, her owner rode her in the auction ring and out in the parking lot.  He was very upset to have to sell her, he is moving out west and needs the funds from her sale to get there.  It was just myself and the other meat dealer bidding on her but the owner did not get his price and refused to sell her for meat, so brought her back home(Windsor area).  I spoke at length with him, what a nice young man - I really enjoyed our chat, and offered to put her on this page for sale by owner(he does not have a computer).  He is hoping to get $1500 but is negotiable.  She is a well behaved mare, loads of potential!  Anyone interested in her can message me for his contact information.  Thanks!

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