Saturday, 27 April 2013

Meat Horses April 27 2013

Arab Broodmares
There was one horse at the Woodville auction today, a sweet 8 yr old Appy mare.  The horse trader that has gotten himself in a lot of trouble lately somehow ended up convincing the owner to sell her privately to him because "no one else wanted her", which is a load of crap because several people were wanting to buy her(I heard a rumour that he paid $50 for her).  He immediatley took her to the Lindsay auction to resell her, hired a young man to ride her (did not know if she was ok to ride - I assisted for"safety"), he didn't get his price so bid her back, but he is famous for his parking lot deals.....  At the Lindsay auction there were 23 horses, 4 of them were purchased by the buyer who does not only sell for meat.  Three of them broodmares only, 2 registered Arab that did not remotely look the breed and a reg Saddlebred.  The other is a sharp looking Paint/Appy cross, was ridden in the auction ring, they said that he required a kind hand.  I am sure that this fellow will not be shipped for meat but the broodmares will most likely, they were not handled at  all and not friendly.  I don't understand this, I would think that even just for breeding purposes that one would want the mare to be handleable, but I suppose only the responsible persons breeding would want access to the foal for training etc and the mare for hoof care etc. 
I did not get a pic of the saddlebred, sorry!!  We are currently at capacity, each adoption funds the next rescue, we have many nice horses looking for loving homes!!

Paint gelding
From Woodville to Lindsay

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