Saturday, 20 April 2013

Meat Horses April 20 2013

Today was a sad day at the Woodville auction.  I am not sure how to begin, there were 4 horses, I think all from the same home, 2 in one pen (not pictured) and 2 draft horses in the other (picture).  The two not pictured were riding horse style (breed undefineable)  I do not know how to say other than directly that one of them was in such poor shape that they put it down(extremely thin and severe infection in right eye).  I spoke with the vet for quite awhile and he felt that although he knew how good of care we would provide that it was best for the poor soul.  I am not sure why the owner felt he should put the horse through the distress of auction, shame shame!!!  The other horse was not in as bad of shape but was blind in one eye and was not put thru the auction and sold directly to the main meat buyer.  I am not sure if this is a  new law, we have saved a few horses in the past that were blind in one eye and were perfectly fine, but lately all of the horses that I have seen that are blind in just one eye are meatbound, in both eyes put down. 
Now on to the next two horses, by their teeth I would say approx 12 yrs old, seemed friendly, I spoke with the person who trailed them and was told they re friendly thru the fence but be careful they have had absolutely no training since birth and will bite and kick.  He said that they were just pasture ornaments, given treats over the fence til the owner got bored with them!!  Both of them were purchased by the main meat buyer after a bidding war between 2 of them that were present, they went for higher prices than most draft horses I have seen that go for meat. 
Any animal is a responsibilty, whether it be a cat, dog, hamster or horse.  But large animals especially because they can be way more dangerous than a hamster, must be trained properly at a young age, and that training somewhat continued, at least.  Please don't let your babies grow up to be meat horses!!!

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