Sunday, 18 November 2012

Meat Horses Nov 16 2012

There have been so many horses going for meat lately that I cannot even remotely take pic of all of them and post them, especially with only dial up...  Horses are in a bad position right now.  We need your help, Segunda Vida, Justice Love & care, Wild Oats, and Us - Freedom Valley, we need you to keep passing on our info, we have some great horses who need you to help them find their new families!!  We cannot save more until we find some homes.  Many people have thought, "oh, well they are a rescue they will save them, well we all only have so much $ in our budget to buy and care for them and can only do so much.  Every adoption helps, so please, help us all, pass on our info to everyone, you never know who could be looking for one of our horses, and then we can save another!!  Thank You!!

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