Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mandy and DeeJay, New arrivals Nov 11 2012

Mandy is 18 yrs old, Deejay is 19, both are paint mares, were registered but papers misplaced.  DeeJay is foundered, her former owners thought she was just stiff and needed a massage.  I knew immediately at first sight it was founder, she is under the appropriate plan of care here and will recover nicely.  Both are well trained to ride but have not been used other than leadline for the kids in a bout a yr.  Adoption fees are negotiable.  Update:  Yay, Dee has not foundered, she does have laminitis but has not yet foundered.  She was out on too rich pasture and is now becoming more comfortable, looking and walking much better, t'will still be a little while before she is back at 100% .


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