Saturday, 25 August 2012

Meat Horses Aug 25 2012

Even though we have been rescuing horses for 4 1/2 yrs now, there are still a few things that never cease to make me angry.  Today at the Woodville auction there were 3 horses, a 3 yr old Belgian stud, a 1 yr old Belgian colt (both from the same home) and a 1 yr old qh filly.  The Belgians were unhandled, obviously the result of backyard breeders who just wanted to see cute babies growing up in the field.  Well people, your cute babies are now meat horses that very few people are capable of dealing with!   Neither of them had halters on, but were not halter trained.  The qh filly did have signs outside her pen, her name is "Makita", she is halter trained, but had no halter!!  How is anyone supposed to assess handleablility etc without a halter, I had thought that it was illegal to ship a horse without a halter on.  Anyone have more info on that?    All 3 of them were purchased by one of the meat buyers, although he did say that he may have a buyer for the qh filly as she did come with her registration papers.  I know that I am "preaching" to the wrong people, most likely the ones that I need to reach are not reading this, or maybe just don't care...  I just feel so bad for these horses, its not their fault, its their stupid humans that got them into this mess!!!  I appologize for ranting, but not for my emotions we would not be doing this if we did not care - it is heartbreaking.....  Please if you know anyone who is sending their horse to auction emphasize the importance of a halter and as much info about the horse as possible.  Please, arm your horse with as much to help it as possible!!!!  I was able to take pics of the yearlings, the 3 yr old stud had already been loaded onto the trailer.

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  1. I think it is accepted protocol/courtesy to leave a halter on a horse when going through an auction or being sold, but I don't think it is the law.