Saturday, 7 July 2012

Meat horses July 7 2012


Today at the Woodville auction we saved a young female pony mule, I am calling her Penelope, 2 of the meat buyers were biding on her, normally donkeys and mules do not go for meat. She is very sweet, a bit shy but she leads very nicely and picks up her feet, I kinda lay over her back and I don't think it would take much work to train her to ride and drive.  I am looking forward to it!!  What a nice little "ponkey".   We also saved a lovely Percheron/Haflinger cross mare that is trained to ride and drives single&double.  I was bidding on her to get her away from the meat buyers, I thought that someone else had her but I was wrong.  The main meat buyer had the bid so I had to buy her from him.  Thanks to our friends Dennis and Beverly who chipped in!  She is a very quiet handleable mare, very well trained.  I spoke at length with her owner - her name is Jane, she is great for everything, drives and rides really quiet suitable for beginners.
I somehow managed to forget my camera so I got no pics at auction, there were 2 thoroughbred broodmares - 1 of them had quite a nasty disposition - tried to bite and kick me several times, they both were purchased by meat buyers.  I am not sure how I goofed up the formatting of this post but I cannot stop it from keeping everything centered.......

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