Monday, 2 July 2012

Dusty July 2 2012


Today our friend Jade came out to try out a bunch of horses for us, 2 of the 7 new arrivals from Sudbury, Tipsy and Sweetie, and our rescue from the meatyard a few wks ago Dusty. Her daughter went for a ride on Little Lucy, scroll down the page and see some "older" posts to see all of the pics. 
This pic was taken during her trial ride on Dusty:  She was a bit rusty at first, we think she has had a bit of time off.  She remembered very quickly, is very polite, no hint of any bad behaviour.  Such a good girl, I am so proud of her!!  She is not quite a beginner horse at this time but with a little bit of regular work could quickly be. 
Anyone in the Belleville area looking for a great western riding instructor can contact Jade, JMT Performance Horses, there is a link to her in our friends section.  Thanks so much Jade for your expertise-what a fun day!!!

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