Saturday, 5 May 2012

Meat Horses May 5 2012

Today at the Woodville auctions there were 2 off-track standardbred geldings (I wrote down their tattoo #'s -am going to research them), a young pony filly, 2 gelded friendly donkeys and a 9 yr old QH stud.  All but the 2 Standardbreds went to good homes, kind of.....  I would have loved to buy them but we do not have the funds to save another horse until we have another adoption.  Each adoption funds the next rescue....At first the main meat buyer bought them but the paperwork required for immediate slaughter was not signed, so they were put back thru the auction.  I was not aware of this until the auction ended.  They were then bought by the other meat buyer, the Big Ass who hates me because of my blog, he also bought the two donkeys, I am assuming to resell.  He may not ship the standardbreds for meat, as I have said many times, not every horse he buys goes for meat.  You know I started this blog being very polite about all of the meat buyers etc, he even gave me permission to post pics etc, knowing all about my blog, am not sure why he got so pissy.  I have decided that being nice about him didn't matter, so I am going to call it like it is and he really is an Ass.  I must say that the main meat buyer in ontario is a nice fellow, very polite, friendly and easy to deal with.  Even the "new" meat buyer from Cobden seems like a fairly decent guy to deal with.
I did take pics of the Standardbreds but I can't get them to upload at this time, dial-up sucks.........

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