Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meat Horses May 19 2012

This week at the Woodville auction there were 3 Jenny donkeys and several Haflingers (2 yearlings, a 6 yr old Stallion and a 5 yr old gelding) 2 Haflinger/paint cross geldings, a grade yearling filly, a 2yr old Palamino Stud QH, and a yearling Appy colt.  All went to good homes other than the 2yr old Palamino colt-he only had one testicle-something to consider -when gelding them the cost is approx 1500 if only one descends.  The meat buyer that I refer to as "Big Ass"(he hates me...) purchased him. the main meat buyer purchase one of the Halfinger Paint cross geldings.  This guy was very attractive but had a miserable temperment.  I did not feel safe around him!  I did take pics and will try to upload them.  I am having a terrible time with dial up!

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