Saturday, 12 May 2012

Meat Horses May 12 2012

This week at the Woodville only one horse was purchased by a meat buyer.   I would love input on her condition.  She is a 2 yr old Belgian filly, I noticed right away that her back is misshapen.  I found out who brought her in to the auction, he said that she had "displaced kidneys"...  I have never heard of this, or know of the eventual health ramifications.  Surely a vet or vet tech must look at this blog and may offer an opinion even just for information purposes only?  Of course she could not bear saddle, perhaps a small arsed person could ride her bareback without causing discomfort?  Please comment or e-mail me if you have any info on this, I would appreciate it for future reference.  The meat buyer from the Cobden area bought her. There were a couple of other horses there, one of them (8yr old tb mare) I would've bought if meatbound, the other I questioned his temperment(not sure of breed, dapple grey appros 14.3ish), he seemed like he could be a "jerk" if in the mood, but I was still considering him(sometimes at auction they aren't themselves), a yearling colt, a 5ish stud pony and a 2 yr old jack donkey all went to good homes.

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